Why Hiring Skip Bins is Hip!

Rubbish are not normally associated with being trendy right? No way! But what if I say that we can make it hip! You see, when something is trendy – it catches on like wild fire. It will then turn into a habit that will be beneficial to our planet earth. Going straight to the point, I am talking about skip bin hire (links to a local Perth bin hire provider). In particular, how hiring skip bins at regular intervals can turn your home into a spotless and attractive place to live.

Now imagine if the whole neighbourhood picks up your habit, how clean would your street be? Not to mention the value of your house skyrocketing!

The advantages of hiring a skip bin are endless. Below are some of the positives of hiring a skip bin:

Efficient Waste Disposal

Skip bins comes in a variety of sizes, but even the smallest will still be a lot bigger than your average household wheelie bin. This mean getting a lot more waste in the one go. Space out the frequency of throwing waste out will go a long way that you would ever imagine.

Cost Effective

Hiring a bin may seem like a burden to your pockets, but if you consider the fee charged at your local rubbish tip – you will appreciate how cost effective hiring a bin could be. Just do the maths. Calculate the cost of hiring a bin and compare it against hiring let say a trailer and entrance fee to the tip. You’d be surprise how much savings there are to be made. Especially if you have the unusual waste such as asbestos.

Licensed for Dangerous Waste

As mentioned above, the disposal of certain type of waste such as asbestos requires special care. Skip bin hire companies are required to have a valid license for disposing such waste. What does it mean for you? Well to put it quite simply, you don’t have to worry about knowing how to handle such waste since they will dispose of it for you, the safe way!

The benefits mentioned above are not the only ones. There are many other reasons why it would be a good idea to hire a bin.

Since we briefly talked about how good it would be if the whole neighbourhood got into the action. Why not make a start on it this month! Go out there and hire a bin!

Local waste and recycling information: https://www.perth.wa.gov.au/living-community/waste-and-recycling-services