Obama Superstar 3: Obama Movie and Hero Worship on MSNBC

Continuing our series on the Obama Superstar phenomenon sweeping the nation, World Net Daily is reporting that the fanbois at MSNBC are planning to take their fawning coverage of the inauguration to the big screen.

MSNBC and Screenvision are teaming up to give away free tickets to what I'm sure Chris Matthews will soon call the "event of the century." Presumably this is either because they think not enough people have televisions or because they figure all the Obamatons will eventually need to know who to blame.

They must be excited at MSNBC. Everyone seems so over-the-top happy about the "opportunity" this presents. Tingles must be running up legs, and passions high, and romance in the air as they ready themselves to pounce on the American people. I'm sure whatever hooker Keith Olbermann had to pay for company tonight is having the time of her(his?) life.

While there's been an element of pop culture stardom to the Presidency for decades now, the unquestioning adulation of Obama has me wary. Combine that with Obama's obvious deep streak of hubris and I'm concerned. Throw in his radical liberalism and some of his appointees, and I'm getting close to being alarmed.

In the meantime, the theaters will be filled with struggling citizens, blindly throwing their hope behind a chimera of a politician, celebrating what might be the most expensive party ever thrown. If I get a chance, I may try and attend myself, in the hopes of catching a Peggy Josephs moment on tape for ECR listeners. If you do, submit it and you may be on Evil Conservative Radio.

I guess Democrats should be happy. They're doubtless hopeful that they've finally thrown the nation into enough turmoil and disaffected enough of the populace to ram through their agenda for America. Let's hope and pray they're wrong.

*Image thanks to Johnny7 on FR.*

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